We raise public awareness of the global challenges caused by human activities, and help to shape a more responsible World by supporting educational projects and concrete actions that encourage a more conscious and sustainable way of life.

Loyal to the values of the Primat Family and aiming to spark positive change in our society, the Foundation has chosen to prioritise its activities around the major ethical issues raised by technological and environmental disruptions and its implications for Humanity and Nature. In a world undergoing major transformation, the Foundation places the transmission of ancient and contemporary wisdom at the core of its mission. It promotes the development of critical, creative and collaborative thinking from an early age, with the aim of improving individual life skills and encouraging more responsible choices and social behaviour.

To achieve its objectives, the Foundation empowers scientists, philosophers and artists and supports relevant stakeholders in Europe, with a particular focus on France and Switzerland, but also internationaly for certain transnational projects.

The Foundation’s values are:

Transmission, Authenticity, Harmony, Responsibility.


To spark a positive change on the world

Sheltered Funds

The Didier et Martine Primat Fondation also administers 5 additional sheltered funds whose regulations are compatible with its general goals.
These 5 sheltered funds are endowed with additional means by their founders. The latter actively participate in the orientation of their conduct in collaboration with the Foundation Board.