One Planet Polar Summit: a high level mobilization to safeguard ice memory from endangered glaciers

The summit was a great success for polar research and for Ice Memory.

The Paris Appeal for Glaciers and Poles, signed at this stage by 32 countries, represents a high-level commitment to preserving the memory of the ice.

The summit was marked by four key announcements:

President Emmanuel Macron announced a billion euros to support polar research

The launch of the United Nations Decade of Polar and Ice Sciences.

Ice Memory is one of the “major projects already agreed”, which will play a key role in the Decade.

Protecting the most endangered natural areas at the poles and glaciers.

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By 2045, the Arctic sea ice will have virtually disappeared due to climate change. This has major repercussions for the ecosystems and biodiversity of this region.

The countdown is on for this unprecedented scientific exploration of the North Pole. After 5 years of conception, the Tara Ocean Foundation’s project is moving from plans to reality. Construction of the new vessel designed for observation and scientific research in the Arctic is beginning.

[Tara Polar Station] The Tara Polar Station will be built in Cherbourg. The construction of the drifting polar scientific base has begun!

The shipyard has been entrusted to CMN – Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie in Cherbourg. It will take 18 months to complete, with delivery scheduled for early autumn 2024. The Tara Ocean Foundation is delighted to have this shipyard in France.

Designed with the architect Olivier Petit, the aim of the polar drifting base is to study the Arctic in order to speed up research into climate and biodiversity by taking scientists from all over the world on board on ten or so successive expeditions until 2045.

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The drilling operation in Svalbard was a success and the scientists were able to drill 3 ice cores, but the team found a large and totally unexpected pocket of water at a depth of 25 metres.

This is further proof that Arctic warming is accelerating dramatically.

Ice Memory has therefore launched an appeal to the international scientific community to speed up Ice Memory backup operations, and this operation, like its predecessors, has received massive media coverage. It is interesting to note that the North American press and the business press covered Ice Memory much more extensively than in previous years. Finally, the World Economic Forum used Ice Memory to communicate the urgency of climate change to its stakeholders.


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“Le Chêne”: un film qui plante des arbres


Dans le cadre de notre soutien au film “le Chêne”, se sont tenues plusieurs opérations éducatives et d’impacts en forêt de Boulogne et aux Sables d’Olonne avec l’Office National des Forêts

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Emma Critchley’s installation to be exhibited at Brighton Festival in May

Emma Critchley’s art piece, Witnesswill be screened at Brighton Festival at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts  with a live spoken word element and live orchestration on Saturday 07 May, 2022 11:00am and Sunday 15 May, 2022 9:00pm

Witness was originally commissioned by the Earth Water Sky Residency programme. Funded by Fondation Didier et Martine Primat at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice as part of the Science Gallery Network.

The Earth Water Sky Residency Programme is curated and produced by Ariane Koek.

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The good the bad and the ugly: opportunities and risks of emerging technologies

Join us on Dec 7, 4-5pm (CET) in the inauguration #webinar of the new Geneva Centre for Security Policy Polymath Initiative on “The good the bad and the ugly: opportunities and #risks of #emerging #technologies” We will talk about risks and opportunities in #artificial intelligence with Sandra Scott-Hayward#neurotechnologies with Ricardo Chavarriaga and #synthetic #biology with .
You can find more information about the #Polymath Initiative which is graciously supported by the Didier and Martine Primat Foundation here:
#AI #emergingtech #emergingtechnologies

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Watch the First edition of the SPARKS! CERN’s serendipity Forum on future intelligence

The Primat Foundation is proud to count among the sponsors of  the First edition of the SPARKS! CERN’s Serendipity Forum on Future Intelligence that took place on 18 September this year and broadcast through a live webstream and watched around the world.

The Sparks! consists of a series of short talks and debates among eminent scientists and specialists about the current and future trends of Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact our society. The Forum is meant to bring these important conversations to a broad audience. 

The full event webcast is now available here .

You can also listen to the podcast series that preceded the event, a series of conversations with leading minds shaping the realm of Future Intelligence .

For more information about Sparks! read this article 


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Scientific videos on the toxicity of certain food packaging for human and environmental health

Food packaging materials contain many chemical substances that pose potential risks to human health and the environment.

The Primat Foundation via a donation to the Food Packaging Forum supported the production of 3 informative science videos on toxic materials in food packaging.

These video are intended primarily for decision-makers and influencers (policy makers, politicians, philanthropists); multipliers (journalists from the major media, bloggers ); NGOs acting in the environmental sphere to help them to move the lines.

Click HERE to view the 3 videos presenting a scientific reflection on the toxicity of certain food packaging.

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What’s in your food packaging? Launch of the Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard

What is the UP Scorecard? The UP Scorecard is a science-based online tool to help users and Industry to select foodware and food packaging that is safe and environmentally sustainable.

This free, easy-to-use web-based tool  has been developed through an unprecedented collaboration of leading food service companies, NGOs and technical experts. The UP Scorecard provides an authoritative resource for businesses as well as for environmental and human health advocates.

The ongoing development of the UP Scorecard is being made possible through the financial support of the Didier and Martine Primat Foundation to the Food Packaging Forum.

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Third call of the EarthWaterSky environmental science and arts residency programme

The Primat Foundation is proud to announce the  launch the third call of the #EarthWaterSky environmental science and arts residency programme!

We are looking for an artist from any discipline who is truly inspired by thinking about time and connecting  the geology of our Earth to humankind. The artist must also enjoy the research process as well as public engagement, and be able to create imaginative, extraordinary new work which captures the public’s attention, senses, minds and hearts.

Discover the open call here

The residency programme, hosted by Science Gallery Venice and Ca’Foscari University, is curated by Ariane Koek and fully funded by Didier and Martine Primat Foundation

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