Pierre Rabhi, essayist, farmer and ecologist, or how to live and care for Life

If there exists an incredible human being who speaks with truth and sincerity, who has the gifts of compelling humility, natural kindness, uncommon charisma, a positive and accommodating mindset imbued with love and friendship, and an impressive inner calm, it is Pierre Rabhi; farmer, philosopher, writer and environmentalist. The city of Geneva has been lucky enough to host three events with this man, and has discovered in him a marvel.

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The world is changing. What if education were to change, too?

The world is changing, and the change is only getting faster. The ten most sought-after jobs in the United States in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004, and 65% of the jobs our children will do in the future do not yet exist. In the space of just 15 years, 60% of the world’s population has been connected to the internet; it took the telephone over 50 years to reach this global coverage (…)

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