Teaching young people to adopt a safe behavior when using social media

Teaching teens and pre-teens to adopt an informed and safe behaviour in their use of social media through a simulation platform

Duration1 year
  • TechLabs
  • GCSP
Project funding

In today’s digital society, young people engage in behaviors where disclosure of personal information is considered the norm. Social media sharing has become a daily exercise that, if unchecked, can have dire consequences.


The Geneva Centre for Security Policy and TechLabs, a Swiss EdTech services company, have joined forces to create an e-learning platform designed to teach teens and pre-teens how to protect their digital identities, and how to measure responsible engagement with unknown entities online.


Using a simulation platform, students of age groups 11-13 years old and 14-16 years old will be confronted by a series of moral dilemmas which require them to choose security precautions in lieu of fame and peer pressure.

  • The interactive simulation re-creates perilous encounters Online and teaches efficiently to students to adopt an “informed” and safe behavior when using social media.
  • Following the Beta-Test, the e-learning module proves to be relevant to achieve intended learning objectives.
  • It is recognized as useful tool for risk prevention and awareness raising among children on the ethical use of social media and is ready to be disseminated to a broader audience.

TechLabs is a Swiss EdTech services company that offers a new approach to STEAM-based education (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) with a focus on project-based outcomes that emphasize empathy, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of STEAM concepts.


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