An alternative school that favours the child's connection to nature and promotes creativity

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Alternative education inspired by the pedagogical concepts of Maria Montessori and Rebecca and Mauricio Wild or Sudbury schools – also called democratic schools, combined with recent neuroscience research, have shown that children reach their full potential when they live and learn in concrete situations, in an environment free of fear, pressure and competition.

The association Educwords, aims to inform and raise awareness in Valais and Switzerland about the education of children in such alternative forms and to support structures that offer other ways of teaching, in particular:
o By preparing children to take up the environmental, societal, cultural, and economic challenges of the world,

o By respecting the development stage and the personality of each child, which allows the development of cognitive, relational, ecological, psychic and artistic skills, through concrete and playful projects,

o By enabling the development of autonomy, self-confidence and cooperation,

o By helping to unfold potentials through cooperation, using nature as a space for the development of creativity through crafts and art.

Intervention strategy

The Foundation has chosen to support Educwords to promote education in close contact with nature at the Mandala school in Valais Switzerland.

The promotion of ecological values and, in particular, raising awareness of environmental protection and development of green energy are an integral part of the life of the Mandala School. This school also pays a lot of attention to the development of personality, self-awarness and relationships with others (emotional management, empathy, communication, etc.).

The Mandala School aims to help children becoming balanced adults who know themselves while acquiring the necessary skills to meet the current challenges of the world. It also wishes to develop children’s awarness to the protection of nature, sustainable way of life and  our connection to ecosystems.


– Daily practice of organic farming taking into account the rhythm of seasons and soils

– Protection of bees and pollinating insects, thanks to a flowered bee path and  various nesting boxes.

– Teaching respect of the fauna and flora, through the daily care of animals on the farm.

– Observation of  wildlife (plants and animals ) as well as learning the principles of nature conservation, through workshops in the forest and  on the farm.

– Raising awareness of organic crops and the consequences of using chemicals.

– Raising children’s awareness and responsibility on their ecological impact on the planet.

– Raising awareness about the protection of waters, seas and oceans and the protection of the environment in general

  • Personal growth through connection with animals in their natural environment and on a farm.
  • Enabling children to access to nature as a space for development and learning, and  to stimulate their creative force in order to deploy their full potential.



The Educwords association, founded in 2019, was born from the initiative of a group of parents who share the vision of an alternative pedagogy encouraging  "teaching in nature". The association received the status of a recognized institute of public utility in August 2019.