Launch of a new series of art commissions in the field of ‘Arts, Science and Nature’

The Didier & Martine Primat Foundation and its ‘Odonata’ fund are pleased to announce their new philanthropic partnership agreement with the CERN & Société Foundation and Arts at CERN for the launch of a new series of art commissions in the field of ‘Arts, Science and Nature’.

The aim of the ‘Arts, Science and Nature’ series is to fund the production of symbolic works reflecting on Nature in its broadest sense, based on a dialogue set up between artists in residence and scientists at CERN.

Arts at CERN creates new ways for artists and scientists to exchange views, examines the connection between art and science and encourages artistic curiosity and creativity in the world of primary research.

Photo credit: “micro macro”, Ryoji Ikeda, 2014. Collide International artists 2014

Introduction to the CERN & Society Foundation

The CERN & Society Foundation was established in 2014. Its purpose is to promote and support the dissemination of the positive contribution of CERN’s activities to the widest possible audience, through education, public communication and sharing innovation and knowledge, as well as through culture and the arts. It also supports and promotes the development of the Globe of Science and Innovation, particularly in its use as a venue for scientific exhibitions, conferences, meetings and debates open to large audiences. For more information, go to

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is one of the biggest and most prestigious scientific laboratories in the world. Its work focuses on fundamental physics and discovering the constituents and laws of the Universe. CERN uses highly complex scientific instruments to test the ultimate constituents of matter: basic particles. By studying what happens when these particles collide, physicists can grasp the laws of Nature.

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